A well respected friend of mine stated, “When I look at the hedgewitch links, it definitely gives the impression of a solitary witch living out in the forest by themselves, gathering herbs and talking to the trees, finding their spirituality through the cycle of the seasons to an extent that isn’t possible for those of us who live in the city.”

To me a Hedgewitch is someone who is gifted with knowledge of all things nature, an anti-social hermit of sorts, someone with herbal knowledge and who can be so kind as to save your life one day, but does not fear a little battle now and then, in which she will use whatever powers needed to crush someone if she desires. BUT…. she also has the strength and control to stifle that ability and well, know when it is best to not go there. I also picture someone who does not go about claiming the label. She does not boast or brag about the things she does and most of those “things” are in private and are never spoken.I personally picture an old hag that can be your best friend if she chooses, or your worst enemy if you make her one. After looking at the general definition, I realized it does define me.

This is a website dedicated to those special individuals who are known as “hedgewitch”. In these pages you will discover herbal knowledge, medicinal foods and plants.There are pages dedicated to edible wild foods, self sufficiency tips and knowledge, wisdom of spells and rituals used by a modern day hedgewitch, but have been handed down for several generations and hundreds of years.There are pictures and poetry not only devoted to our beloved Earth Mother and Nature in general, but to LIFE as well. Photos of secret places alongside photos of family and pets. There is a blog that contains entries of day to day life of a hedgewitch.

My hope is that this site will not only provide a format to share wisdom, but to show growth and the desire to gain wisdom as well. You will find some information within these pages contain a bit of “hoodoo”. I have lived in the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee for over 50 years. In these mountains, you had a healthy mixture of generally hedgwitchery and hoodoo. I continue to put this knowledge into practice as often as possible and have now chosen to not only record this information on these pages, but share it with others as well. I hope you find something useful here.

Be sure to read this Important Disclaimer

NEW ENTRIES: I have begun posting several spells and rituals in that section of the website. More will be added each day. I am expanding on some other areas of the site as well. Enjoy, and feel free to contact me with questions.

ATTENTION: STORE COMING SOON. You will find many herbs, oils, tinctures, washes, doll babies, etc. for purchase and personal use. All items will be made by myself with ingredients I have collected myself.

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